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  • Date of Information - 13/01/08
  • URL - http://www.ybonline.co.uk/
  • Description - Yorkshire Bank, with it's head office in Leeds, is now a section of the National Australia Banking Group. It is also the sister company of the Clydesdale Bank. Many of it's online contact details are handled by this bank instead. The Yorkshire Bank has been in existence for over one hundred and forty years, and continues to offer financial assistance to both personal and business users.
  • Company Number - SC 00 11 11
  • VAT Number -
  • Address - Yorkshire Bank, 20 Merrion Way, Leeds
  • Postcode - LS2 8NZ
  • Telephone - 08456*********3
  • Telephone Hours - Monday - Friday: 8.00a.m-10.00p.m, Saturday and Sunday 9.00a.m-6.00p.m
  • Telephone Rates -
  • Fax -
  • Email - https://secure.ybonline.co.uk/contact-us/other-contact-us
  • Delivery Times - As a financial institution, their products are not subject to delivery times.
  • Delivery Rates - Statements are usually sent a monthly basis, other products are not usually subject to a charge rate either.
  • Delivery Exceptions -

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n/a Said,

May 17, 2009

Very bad customer care - they do not give out branch or head office contact number. Instead you are handed over to the Clydesdale call centre. I needed to request a new debit cared three times before I was notified it was ready.

Barnicks Said,

August 27, 2009

I'm not surprised in the least to hear of your problems. The infrastructure of the Yorkshire Bank was moved to Scotland, far removed from the county which gave birth to the bank and where most of it's loyal customer still reside. I banked with the Yorkshire because it employed local people, when they made them all redundant in 2008 I withdrew to another bank. The financial landscape of this country has become monotonous, the multinational owning everything, personal local care appears extinct.

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