What is a UKash voucher and where and what can I use it for?


UKash vouchers can be purchased from newsagents across the United Kingdom and Europe. They can also be purchased from resellers online; however, there are a number of scam websites which will accept your money but not provide a voucher code, so be warned.

UKash vouchers are purchased with cash, and are an alternative to credit cards. For whatever reason - debt problems, privacy concerns - some people cannot use credit cards online to purchase goods and services; UKash is an alternative payment option for such people.

All a person needs to do to use UKash: visit a newsagent with a UKash machine, hand over a cash amount of £10-100, and the newsagent will provide a voucher code for that amount. The consumer can then visit websites online and pay for goods and services with their UKash voucher code.

UKash vouchers have a 19 digit number, an expiry date, and can be in a currency of: USD, EUR, GBP, CAD, AUD, SEK or PLN. UKash tends to be used to buy currency on gaming websites, such as: casino, bingo, lottery, dating, poker and sports betting websites.


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