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  • Date of Information - 19/05/09
  • URL - http://www.scottishpower.co.uk/
  • Description - Scottish Power are a well established supplier of energy to the UK. They have also created a charity trust, which works independently and aim's to end fuel poverty in the UK. So far the company has denoted over four million pounds to the trust. Currently Scottish Power estimates that they serve six million homes in the UK and USA.
  • Company Number - 190 287
  • VAT Number - 65 93 72 00 8
  • Address - 1 Atlantic Quay, Glasgow
  • Postcode - G2 8SP
  • Telephone - Provided on your billing statement, site does not contain a contact number.
  • Telephone Hours - No current data on the opening and closing time of their numbers.
  • Telephone Rates -
  • Fax -
  • Email - https://www.scottishpower.co.uk/Help/ForYourHome/ContactUs.aspx
  • Delivery Times - Installation of wall and loft insulation will vary on a job by job basis.
  • Delivery Rates - The charge for cavity insulation will also vary, depending on the size of your home.
  • Delivery Exceptions -

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azad Said,

May 22, 2009

I wish I had never signed up with these guys. Been trouble from the get go. Customer service is rubbish to non existent. If there is an error with your debit details, good luck trying to get it fixed..

say never Said,

June 09, 2009

I suffered from the same experience. I've tried phoning Scottish Power on the phone a few times - on each occasion I've been left hanging around for ten minutes or more. The answers I received had no commitment attached and subsequently nothing of note was succeeded by phoning them. I am still trying to cancel my direct debit and switch supplier. Trying to sort this out over the phone or Internet has proved to be exceedingly difficult. A very poor experience from an increasingly irate former customer.

n/a Said,

October 09, 2009

Could someone please come up and check my meter.i live alone,mostly in one room,but have a monthly bill of £94.50,which i think is a bit much for one,oil filled radiator,t.v. and a few kitchen electrical items.i know power bills have increased,but my partner died a month ago,and there is no way i could use the equivelant of £25 per week,in this situation?


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