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  • Date of Information - 02/04/08
  • URL - http://www.saverstore.com/
  • Description - Saverstore.com is currently amongst the biggest retailers of IT equipment online. The company has roots which date to nineteen seventy two. Their philosophy is stated as offering customers the largest selection of products at discount prices. Savastore have recently been bought by another company in 2007, so expect the company to expand into new avenues.
  • Company Number -
  • VAT Number -
  • Address - 1 Finway, Luton, Bedfordshire
  • Postcode - LU1 1TR
  • Telephone - 087*********9
  • Telephone Hours -
  • Telephone Rates -
  • Fax -
  • Email - http://www.saverstore.com/information/enquiries.aspx?strata_url=n&section=products/information/enquiries
  • Delivery Times - Standard is three working days, but express delivery is an option.
  • Delivery Rates - Depends on the kg weight of the product, and the speed of the delivery, and picked day.
  • Delivery Exceptions -

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worm Said,

06 / 01 / 2006

Ordered a new laptop, picked the exact day and time and stayed in all door. Typical as these things are I had to leave the house for 15 minutes and this could not be avoided. Well nothing had been dropped off in that time, no letter to say they had been and I was not in.

Another few days passed and I decided to phone Savastore up, they informed me that the laptop had been delivered, but I was not in and the package was left at the house next door at my neighbours. As they had just gone on holiday for 2 weeks and forgot to pass me the package I was left fuming. Maybe I was not on best terms with my neighbours? maybe they were the neighbours from hell who would a hammer to anything delivered to me?

Low and behold when my neighbours returned they knew nothing about any deliver, so I contacted Savastore back and they admitted to a mix-up. I did receive my laptop on time this time, without any problems. My confidence in this company has been solely tested however.

urto Said,

April 06, 2009

Last week I entered an order with Savastore for a Canon PIXMA MX310 22ppm at £58 including VAT + £4.65 + £5 for the delivery I believe. After a day I decided to cancel the order, as I had read a few reviews on the model, and decided to pick another machine. I figured an email would be too slow, so I phoned Savastore, I was put on a waiting line for fifteen minutes, eventually I got through to a guy who allowed me to cancel because it was still not fully authorised and shipped. I bought from another site after finding a five pound saving, but my regards to Savastore who let me cancel without any quibble.

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