Tips for protecting my online banking activity?


There are a number of obvious steps you can take to protect your bank account from being accessed online by people other than yourself.

1. Use a bank which supplies an authentication device: this generates a unique code everytime you login.

2. Install an anti-virus software and a firewall: keep them up to date.

3. Run an anti-malware program to remove screen capture software etc.

4. Keep your Web browser up to date: some browsers, like Internet Explorer, have had security flaws in the past.

5. Install Rapport, if it protects your specific bank.

6. Keep your login details in a secure place.

7. Keep your bank statement and other letters in a secure place.

8. Dont share your security question information with others: mother's maiden name etc.

9. Banks dont send you emails asking for security information, nor do they on the phone: these are phishing attempts and should be ignored.


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