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  • Date of Information - 22/04/07
  • URL - http://www.haven.com/
  • Description - Haven Holidays run a successful chain of holiday parks. Their parks come equipped with half board houses, then caravans and finally room to place a tent.
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  • Address - 1 Park Lane, Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire
  • Postcode - HP2 4YL
  • Telephone - 0871*********2
  • Telephone Hours - 9am - 9pm. Everyday of the week.
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  • Email - http://www.haven.com/support/contactus.aspx
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Posted on n/a

Littlesea Weymouth

We first thought that our whole Haven experience would be a mistake, the first omens were terrible, but in the end we loved it. The park was situated in Littlesea Haven, Weymouth, Dorset, and we stayed for the duration of 1 week in Caravan accomodation.

The best park of the week was the entertainment provided at Haven Littlesea. It was Excellent and entertained both our Kids and all the Adults in our party alike. All the Fun Stars were so enthusiastic and genuinely seemed to be enjoying themselves. They were also encouraging and really helped the kids (and adults!) join in. We have in the past visisted other holiday parks like Pontins and Butlins, but we didnt before think their reps reached Haven Littlesea's standards. The whole park was immaculately clean and the indoor swimming pool was also spotlessly clean. The food provided by the restaurant was very nice and was clean and family orientated. The 24 hour security also helped provide peace of mind, and made you feel secure about the kids and the arcades were in sfae hands. Sadly this also enabled the kids to waste all their money, but whats new. The Day Kids clubs were welcoming and very good. The caravan was also excellent and in good condition, with the maintenance people being very quick and helpful in sorting out one or two repairs and problems we had.

I have to say that overall my highlight of the holiday would be the night Entertainment. Well done to all the team especially Mash the Entertainment Manager.

I rate this as 5 Star ***** - The Best!

An excellent park which has both cleanliness, and great entertainment. Well done Littlesea!

A Sheppard

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User - A Sheppard


Posted on n/a

Littlesea Weymouth

We have a totally different view of our Littlesea holiday at Haven. Maybe it's because we are from the 'north' that we experienced rather frosty and unwelcoming people there. When we went to reception to report a broken tv/dvd, nothing was done during the week stay to repair it. We heard the most disgusting language during a wrestling match that was supposed to be family entertainment. Welsh, fat and gay people stay away-you have been warned. My children (aged 9 and 4) should not be listening to such insults. The room when this event was going on was packed full of children. I do expect banter during a wrestling match, but not to that degree. We have been twice to this park and the first time it was fine-possibly because it was not peak season but during our second stay, standards had obviously slipped...it's such a shame not to return ,but when you receive an unfriendly welcome it does nothing to encourage you to return.

D Dixon

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User - D Dixon


Posted on n/a

Haven Holidays presthaven sands wales

Caravan was dirty mattress had blood on and also dirty in toilet pan i do not think caravan had been cleaned, since last residents. Will not be going back they have offered another weekend as we checked out next day but who would want to stay in dirty caravan and this was a 3 * star caravan can't imagine budget caravan.

jane murphy

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User - jane murphy


Posted on n/a

We have not long returned from a week at littlesea to which I was disappointed with the standard of facilities . This is allegedly a 5 star site , which is why I booked, but the Pool facilities are basic ,the park area for kids is basic ,the funzone and arcades are basic and on all mentioned facilities I can get better locally and when I am on holiday I expect something better something with a bit of a wow factor.I would say the site is due an update.

There is far too much focus on trying to sell you a holiday home and caravan owners receive preferential treatment , earlier pool times etc which I thought was really poor .

We have stayed at Devon Cliffs which was fantastic I appreciate this is the premier site but I didn't realise the standard of other sites was so poor.

The entertainment as usual was very good and the Haven entertainment staff were excellent.I have stayed with Haven before and the standard is consistently high in this area.

I would recommend if you are considering staying in Dorset that you look elsewhere ,we have stayed at Waterside , which I thought was excellent ( better facilities).

You have been warned!!

Carl Naughton

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User - Carl Naughton


Posted on 01/11/05

Cala Gran near Blackpool

My family and i have been going to the Cala Gran for the past 4 years now. It is usually the main holiday for the family each year, and in the past we have all found the Cala Gran to be very enjoyable. Unfortunately we will not be going again nor will we entertain the idea of going to this disgusting camp/complex again. We booked a week from Saturday 13th Auguist to Saturday 20th August 2005 in Fir Grove number 22.We stayed for 4 days and left. The first day whilst i was collecting the caravan keys, the reception staff were argueing with a very irate woman over booking in that day into what was described, as a caravan not fit for a dog to stay in. Not what you really want to here on arrival.

The first evening consisted of our children feeling scared in the main entertainment room due to a brawl between two adult females which resulted in one female being bottled around the head and the other so drunk she was led out of the complex. The injured woman was medically assisted and her head bandaged whilst an ambulance was called. The second day our children went swimming unfortunately having to return to the caravan as the pool was closed due to someone toileting in the water. During the evening we witnessed many young under 18 year olds drinking alcohol in the bars and also wondering about the camp drunk as skunks shouting out abusive language and generally being a nusence. In the arcades my husband actually was banged into by what he described as a drunk teenage girl. The third day, for a treat we dined in the aqua bar, our meals consisted of a half cooked steak and ale pie, luke warm jacket potatoe and garden peas one could only describe as bullets.

Once again the children could not go swimming as the pool was closed as someone yet again used the pool as a toilet. It was open later on for aqua jet riding which our children went in for but were turned away as this activity was fully booked up all week although no signs or adverts were around saying this activity was pre booked. Our children went over to the entertainment complex on Wednesday 10th August at 5.30 pm. Within half an hour both came back very upset and my son aged 12 and disabled, his face was covered in blood, his lip split open and chin very bruised. He had been assaulted by a 13 year old lout in the outside play area. Our 9 year old daughter had also felt this louts hand, as he was not satisfied by assaulting our son he had also punched our young daughter. I immediately went across to the complex and seeked out security at the front entrance.I might add that there was 1 lad whom said he was security, also checking passes and reception problems amongst all else. I then proceded into the outside play area where i found a cala gran staff member sitting by the bouncy castle. I asked her about this incident and she told me that she had seen everything happen and when i asked who did it she pointed this 13 year old lout out to me over in the corner.

All i got from him was a mouthful of abuse and foul language and distress. Finally security arrived in the form of 1 young man and 1 older gentleman. They escorted this lout out of the complex and we rung and reported this assault to the police. We were very very upset and our two children were very upset and frightened with there ordeal and the fact our son needed to go to Blackpool A & E for emergency treatment. Later on in the evening the police did come and we reported the incident to which we were given a crime reference number and the lout in question was seeked out. What really bewildered us, was the fact the police officer said that the Cala Gran had gone down hill, with under age drinkers, assaults and roberies, to which in 2 weeks she herself had attended 4 times in the last 2 weeks.

This is disgusting, if we had known this before hand, we would definately not have holidayed at the Cala Gran especially with our chiildren. Staff wise, we feel that from previous experience of holidaying at this camp it has gone to the dogs, especially with staffing. We saw 1 security man in a security van patrolling the camp, i saw him passing our caravan at least every 4 hours or so, and we saw no security inside the bar areas or in the complex, bar staff and camp hosts seem to be handleing rowdy patrons etc. We really feel let down by the Cala Gran this year and i personally feel terrible as this holiday was a much welcomed break for me with doctors orders attatched so to speak. I and my family are more than reluctant to make blackpool our 5th holiday.


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User - Liz

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