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  • Date of Information - 16/11/07
  • URL - http://www.dixons.co.uk/
  • Description - They recently closed all there high street stores which were renamed as currys. Dixons have long been on the high street, but now will only have an online website to sell it's goods. They have always only concentrated on electronics like tv's and cameras, and it was not possible to buy appliances etc from them. I guess it's easier for the owners DSG to spend money promoting one brand rather than two high street names.
  • Company Number - 504877
  • VAT Number -
  • Address - DSG Retail Limited, The Parkway, Sheffield
  • Postcode - S2 5DD
  • Telephone - 0844*********1
  • Telephone Hours - Monday-Sat: 9am–6pm, Sunday: Closed
  • Telephone Rates -
  • Fax -
  • Email - dixonswebsales@dixons.co.uk
  • Delivery Times - normally 7 Days
  • Delivery Rates - For large kitchen appliances it's £19.95 and above.
  • Delivery Exceptions - Channel Islands, and for larger items also Isle of Man, Anglesey, The Scilly Isles and Scottish islands.

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S. Thompson Said,

08 / 01 / 2006

I've never heard anyone have a good word to say about this company. I can't blame them really, the only real advantage about Dixons is there location. There really is no other electrical chain in such great placements in most British towns and cities. But of course the payoff for buying in a prime retail location is the always overpriced items (especially PC's), a sometimes poor service from uninterested staff, which on occasion can provide horrible advice.

I think the biggest criticism has to be the price, the markup on every item is fierce, and you have to desperate or have no respect of money not to buy online or at least check the out of town retail parks. The fact the service quality doesn't make up for the extra money charged is a crime really. The staff really need to go that extra mile to give customer satisfaction to make you feel you haven't been a total dumbass for frequenting them. Just the opposite seems the case.

Stock is another problem, yes their shops are fairly big but they must have problems stocking enough items. They are far from having the stock space of say PC World, so for many items you simply cannot walk out of the store with it. Large items like PC's will be delivered, and popular items are often out of stock. Your must better off visiting your local PCWorld,Currys (same company) warehouse out of town store, where you can usually walk out with most products.

The coverplan has also had many bad reviews, many people think it's a complete scam. So read up before signing the dotted line on this one.

I guess Dixons management will say you pay for location, location, location, and they are right. It's just a shame that's all they offer. In such a competitive modern world they seem like dinosaurs.

G R Davies Said,

21/ 08 / 2008

Delivered in morning left at a neibours who works in afternoon went to see washing machine when I come home at 8pm to find it left in a back garden in the rain and today we had thunder storms
this is going to be fitted on Saterday, and old machine collected.
the machine will probably blow up when switched on .
I dont know if I want it after 4 days in the rain.
My only prospect off salvaging this machine is to Pay some one to assist me in carring it from No5
to No9 and getting it under cover.
will never purchase another thing from this chain,
where is the delivery mans common sence to leave
an electrical machine out in the rain.

Susan Said,

December 04, 2008

was about to buy samsung nc10 for £265.00 thursday,but nett kicked me out 3 times, went on friday and you put the price up to 309.00 BIG PRICE INCREASE phoned and was told tuff its in the information, we can change price any time. I thought it was going down because of vat not up.

Keok Said,

January 22, 2009

Order no.: D**********86 Despatch HDC: 7447 Warrington LDC
I brought a LCD TV also arrange to remove my old TV when delivery on 16th (last Sat.) When the TV arrived,your staff said that will arrange to remove the old one on Sunday/Monday, then move the old TV to outdoor beside my front door.(claim that in this cause they can pick up without my attention.) 19th the Tuesday morning,it still there! I rang up your Company around 9:00am, a female staff said she will notiifed the department/carrier by e-mail to pick it up within few days. This evening(21st) I came back from work, the old TV still outside my doorstep! Very very disappointed.

Please remove the old TV as soon as possible. (*It been outside my doorstep for 6 days!)
Your rating:
Your price:- 4
Your delivery time:- 2.5
Others:- 0
Thank you for your attention and look forward for your quick reaction.

maria Said,

August 20, 2010

bought leisure range cooker Friday 13 had problems with payment phoned the bank they paid in to holding account thought i was having delivery 18 has email said but when i phoned they said it had not been processed i had aganged for my old cooker to be taken out saw i have no cooker now they say it will be delived on the 24th not happy


October 22, 2010

Bought and LG TV (£530) which broke after 20 months and as out of warranty we claimed under Sale of Goods act on 14 September 2010 after making numerous telephone calls beforehand. Advised to pay £60 so it could be collected and taken to repair shop. TV collected on 25 September and it's now been 'LOST'.....twice. Dixons still can't find TV!!!! I've phoned continuously over the last 2 weeks. Spoken to the Customer Service Manager, when he's available! He said he would submit a write off request for the TV they can't find and I should hear within 5 working days. Heard nothing. Rang again, kept on hold for 15 mins by call centre staff and he never did come back. Eventually spoke to Customer Service Manager again and told to wait another 48 hours. Still nothing 72 hours.

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