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  • Date of Information - 08/01/08
  • URL - http://www.bodyshop.co.uk/
  • Description - Sell products to put your body and mind at ease. Some of their bath and body products available in their 2008 january sale include limited edition avocado body butter, Pomegranate Body Polish, Cranberry Shimmer Body Lotion and Ginger Bath Cream. Skincare products include items such as Camomile Gentle Eye Make-Up Remover, Camomile Soothing Eye Serum, Moisture White Eye Serum, Unperfumed Elderflower Eye Gel and Vitamin C Eye Reviver.
  • Company Number - 1284170
  • VAT Number - 543 9386 15
  • Address - Watersmead, Littlehampton, West Sussex
  • Postcode - BN17 6LS
  • Telephone - 0845*********7
  • Telephone Hours -
  • Telephone Rates -
  • Fax -
  • Email - UKOnline.CareCentre@thebodyshop.com
  • Delivery Times - up to 5 working days
  • Delivery Rates - free on all orders over £20
  • Delivery Exceptions -

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Kate, London Said,

November 12, 2008

Camomile gentle eye make up remover.

I have been using Camomile gentle eye make up remover for absolutely years. I normally buy 3 at a time but today I went out to buy a bottle and was horrified at how small the bottle was getting and how the price has increased. I'm furious as I don't like any other remover. I used to pay £5.50 per bottle then it went up a little but a always bought once on a 3 for 2. today I paid £7.50 for a 250 ml bottle. I will look else where for a different product. They are raiing the prices far too high.


Posted on n/a

I love their lip shine treatment, great for moisturising my lips and waking me up in the morning, they also give your lips a radiant glow. It also provides a sheer tinted, wet-look gloss that offer intense conditioning with just a little wash of colour. For about £8 per bottle it goes a surprisingly longway, and will usually last between 1-2 months depending on how many days I use it. I however have not been so impressed with the cheek stain, it provides too rich a colour and no matter how little you use it needs a lot of blending into the cheeks. It also leaves your face feeling slippery, especially if you have used foundation beforehand. If you have sensitive skin and already have red cheeks then avoid at all costs, it will just exaggerate it even more. They do promise that all their products are dermatologically tested, and in this respect I have no complaints.

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User - Sunni

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