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  • Date of Information - 31/01/08
  • URL - http://www.bhs-uk.co.uk/
  • Description - Some items in this years sales period have included the Longline striped cardigan with stretch, Long sleeve tape yarn cardigan, 3/4 sleeve stretch cardigan with satin button, Throw over cardi with cable detail, Button through collar cardi and a Big frill tie cardigan for women in the womenswear section of the site. Other tops with offers available were the SS belted stripe shirt, Pleated beaded belt shirt, Short sleeve pretty trim square neck top, Roll up self stripe shirt, Roll up painters shirt, Short sleeve hamptons scoop neck check shirt and finally in blue the short sleeve cutwork print top.
  • Company Number -
  • VAT Number -
  • Address - 129-137 Marylebone Road, London
  • Postcode - NW1 5QD
  • Telephone - 0845*********0
  • Telephone Hours - Mon - Fri 9.00 am - 5.00 pm
  • Telephone Rates -
  • Fax -
  • Email - http://www.bhs.co.uk/mall/Infopageviewer.cfm/bhsstore/contactus
  • Delivery Times - 3 working days
  • Delivery Rates - £3.50 for normal goods. £25 delivery charge for large items.
  • Delivery Exceptions -

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p. glover Said,

11 / 01 / 2006

Bhs were once a standing joke, who can imagine they didn't go the way of C&A.

The ubiquitous Philip Green made a killing turning them around, though you would still be forgiven about not making your mind up about this store. With the rejuvenation of M&S I expect some leaner years ahead for Bhs, they have improved but have far to go to reach the quality of M&S.

The school uniforms department is a life saver however, they have a site decided at bhsschool and the price and quality is a real bargain. For example you can pick up a 'senior boys teflon coated in dark blue' for just £12.80. Sure they are not fashionable, but which school uniforms are?, at that kind of price it's hard to say no.

Apart for the uniforms I cannot claim they have much for a younger woman or man for that matter, it's squarely aimed for the middle aged and upwards. My mother loves Bhs and I think that says it all :).

Another area they do specialise is a good collection of wedding clothes that will definitely not break the bank. Virtually every item needed is stocked such as sections for adult bridesmaid dresses, pageboys, lingerie, stationary, stoles and cardigans and tiaras. They also have a new collection available from January 2007.

Another section I do shop in is the homeware department, they merged in 1986 with Habitat to form Storehouse Ltd, so the quality and designs are good and pretty much up to date with the latest styles.

The coffee shops are new since Philip Green bought Bhs in 2000, I would not shop for my clothes there, but everything is quite nice and worth the money.

sue Said,

12 / 03 / 2007

pros , there isnt any , last august i orderd a blazer for my son , the payment went through , but no blazer , i have sent emails , i have rang customer services , many times giveing them the info they need , they dont seem to care and it has made me angry. I have asked for the payment back , but still nothing . customer care services ummmmm . they all need lessons i think , but i'm not giving up who knows my son is 16 now. I suppose the blazer will be here for his 21st birthday , tut .

M G Bullock Said,

05 / 04 / 2007

Myself and three friends went into the Crown Gate shopping centre today, a lady gave us a leaflet saying to us 20% off everything at B H S. So I chose some sandals on the way to the till we looked at the leaflet which stated for card holders so I asked the assistant(Carole) if it was card holders only. YES she replied and just glared at me so I paid up and at no time did she offer me a card. We explained the lady outside was in the wrong for not saying.which she chose to ignore in fact her attitude was the ruddest I have come across in a long time. Do you not teach your staff that a smile and good manners cost nothing. It will be a long time before my friend and I go into your shops again yours M G Bullock

L. Aagyapong Said,

29 / 02 / 2008

Every time I go to my nearest Bhs store I never find the right size of school uniform specially in the generous fit, so I decided to order it on their website and the items were very quick and ceaper that the one in the store.

Ms Edridge Said,

October 18, 2008

Love their selection of kids school wear, cheap and they usually have enough colours to match the colour code of all the local schools.

Georgina Said,

January 29, 2010

Can you please let me know when you are going to have new forms in your Telford Branch of BHS for the new choice discount cards. I have been in a few time and they say they are still waiting for them to come in. why have you not sent new cards in the post like most stores.

Regards Georgina

mrs J Said,

April 02, 2010

most upset why have you stopped makeing youre leggings for petite people?i have bought these for years and bought a large amount every year you can get plenty if you are regular size but us petite people have to make do with you're old fashioned trousers.not for me thanks or most of my friends.

Eileen Said,

May 21, 2010

Your Internet access is a joke. Whoever designed it wants sending back to where he/she came from.
Get it sorted out - we are sick of it and are going to close our account.

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