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  • Date of Information - 16/11/08
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  • Description - Asda are one of the Uk's largest supermarket chains, founded in Yorkshire, with their headquarters in Leeds. They were recently taken over by the huge Walmart chain from the US.
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  • Address - ASDA House, Southbank, Great Wilson Street, Leeds
  • Postcode - LS11 5AD
  • Telephone - 0845 3001111
  • Telephone Hours - 8 am ; 8 pm Monday to Friday, 9 am ; 5.30 pm on Saturday and 10 am ; 4 pm on Sunday.
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  • Fax - 0113*********2
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p. glover Said,

25 / 09 / 2006

Do not like the framed design of the site, all modern sites are not framed and I wish Asda would keep up to speed.

Unlike with another unnamed supermarket their online service has a good delivery time and is available 7 days a week. I think they are cheaper than Tesco and whenever they have screwed up my order the until late customer services department has been honest enough to admit it and acknowledge their online service still does have a few problems.

The problem with their delivery service has been they are too eager to deliver, they have arrived early while I am still not at home. Like with all online services they do not always have items they sell in stock, so the availability is poor and they need to replace the item with a similar product. This problem has improved but I have gone out of way to complain on three occasions about the amount of 'out of stock' items.

Personally wait a while longer before using this service if you want a trouble free shop, they still have issues to iron out.

JoeDy Said,

06 / 01 / 2006

I personally think that ASDA are quite good as a supermarket, as their combination of friendly customer service with low prices makes them a reasonable place for a weekly shop. However the only bad point I do have is that on busy occasions the stock is very low with choices limited.

hud99 Said,

March 19, 2009

With the credit crisis becoming more dire, the time came to tighten my belts and altered where I shopped. I was shopping at Sainsbury, the closest supermarket to my home. But since the oil crisis last summer, I slowly noticed myweekly shop becoming more and more expensive. With pounds being added to my meat and fish picks. I first went to Tesco but did not like their own brand good, they seem of very poor quality. Next was Morrisons, and I have to say they do a very good job there. But my favourite was Asda, they have a nice range of own brand goods but also very good discounts on the major branded goods. The best of both worlds. The store is reasonable well kept, but the cafe was a disappointment, with many items on the menu not available after two o'clock. Like every supermarket I've come across, they run out of popular items at peak shopping hours.

Vicky Said,

January 08, 2009

I have been a loyal customer of Asda for many years and as of the last six months I have shopped on line and had an ok service with always friendly staff. However as of last week Asda called me to make a shopping payment as my card had failed to trans act... It had so i paid as you do via my husbands Visa card...The following week my husband had his card with held at a petrol station on calling the credit card company they informed us that someone had been defrauding his credit card booking flights, hotels and general shopping items.... When we investigated the fraud had been taking place in South Africa..... Low and behold Asda's call centre for the internet shopping is in South Africa!!!! After we paid for our weekly shopping some scum bag had takien my husbands details and been on a shopping spree!!! What alarms me the most is I called the call centre in South Africa and a manager refused to speak to me actually putting the phone down on me! Asda I thought you were a better company focused on the public and more importantly customers. I will never shop with you again you mark your internet site as secure how is that secure. I will be seeking further leagal advice! Buyers beware Asda is a fraud!

phil Said,

January 22, 2009

asda house is full of s**t i asked for a copy of there terms and conditions they said they would. how ride is that, no wonder they keep boasting about been cheap there nowt but robbing job worths

Tom Said,

March 26, 2009

Phil, you are just looking for faults where there are none. If you were intelligent enough you would realise that the comments you left on here make you look bad not Asda. Personally I can't see much difference between the big supermarkets, the only drawback to shopping in them is when yobs like Phil hang around the entrances and car parks of these places causing trouble, throwing their takeaway leftovers all over the ground and begging for drink and cigarettes.

M.Frank Said,

July 16, 2010

After a few months break from shopping online at asda for our weekly shop I started using them again and once again two weeks into the return I started getting out of date products two of the products only had one day left before use by date and one had already. Run out two days previously so I rang the help line on the receipt and they agreed to refund me for the products after they spoke to the manager in store but I asked if I could talk to the duty manager in the store 5 minutes later the help line rang me back and said they had spoken to the manager and he would ring me back within 20 minutes and basically never bothered. I left it for that day and rang back the next day and spoke once again to the help line they said they would ring the store and get the duty manager to ring me back once again the help line rang me back very quickly and said the manager was going to phone me this afternoon once again he never bothered. So I assume just because of the low prices that they think they should just ignore their customers because they are above the health and hygiene laws but I’m sure if I contact the local trading standards office and the local council they would be very interested in the fact that asda has no stock rotation system in their stores after the goods have been put on the shelves. I actually work for an international food production company that supplies the asda/Wal-Mart group and I’m actually a factory stock controller so I’m well aware of the shelf life that they require on their stock when it reaches there depots and stores so I would like to be informed how their stock can be two day out of date when it reaches the customer I’m disappointed and surprised by the attitude of the management team who just seem to not give a crap about the people that are paying their wages. They need to start and take the criticism that they get from their customers and talk to them directly instead of hiding behind the help line and if they are so sure that they don’t get many problems then it won’t eat in to their bus, it but I’m sure they won’t as they think ignoring their customers is ok and they don’t have many problems because they don’t count the ones the just ignore as a problem they just don’t exist.

PS here is a caption from their web page what a joke this is (look in house and get it sorted there first)
The quality and safety of our food is extremely important to us. That’s why we ensure that all of our suppliers have undergone a strict audit

Annoyed and disappointed

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