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  1. - They make racy underwear, and had a advert banned which featured kylie.
  2. - They negosiate travel arrangements for business and consumer travelers.
  3. - They were the winners of the 2008 retail industry awards.
  4. - A department store, which is a jack of all trades, where you can find something.
  5. - The site now redirects to a new URL, but their product range is still printing based.
  6. - Stock a range of adult clothes and toys.
  7. - The official worldwide site for this huge corporation who developed the ipod and mac.
  8. - An online retailer, with no real world front, items like fridges are the main stay.
  9. - The most popular catalogue brand in the UK, with hundreds of stores in the UK.
  10. - Electronics retailer who have implemented reevoo reviews into their system.
  11. - They have recently been taken over by the giant US supermarket chain, Walmart.
  12. - They have clothes which are worn by the Hollywood stars, items which looks very similar.
  13. - A gentleman's tailor, where you can find suits, ties and shirts.
  14. - They offer their customers a wide selection of finanical products.
  15. - In April 09, offering a current account with no monthly fee.
  16. - A retailer which has consumer reviews on price comparison engines such as Kelkoo.
  17. - They contain a selection of home brand and general brands of footwear.
  18. - An electronics merchant who sell expensive products such as large screen displays.
  19. - A department store which was turned around the magic touch of Philip Green.
  20. - One of the top retailers for outdoor goods and equipment.
  21. - They are the number rental store for all your entertainment needs.
  22. - Larger components and devices for computing and electronics are stocked.
  23. - A quality purveyor of clothing, you will find no brands except their own.
  24. - Provide a selection of herbal remedies and organic bath stuffs.
  25. - Nearly two hundred years trading as a food and drink emporium.
  26. - The manufacturer of the wave radio, you will have find it advertised in the Sundays.
  27. - Give industrial and commerical companies and retailers an energy supply.
  28. - Provide award winning apparel and accessories for men, women and children.
  29. - For the last decade, they have been a leading men's clothing and fashion retailers.
  30. - A successful parks business, with locales up and down the English coast.
  31. - One of the top retailers, which is an independent mobile phone retailers.
  32. - Provide all the components you'll need to build a system, well liked by consumers.
  33. - A discount merchant for media products, digital downloads have effected their sales record.
  34. - It was based in Hong Kong, and was capable of circumventing UK taxes to lower prices.
  35. - Well laid out site, which a good selection of positive feedback from users.
  36. - One of the top shoe retailers, order online for home delivery or collect in store.
  37. - As the name suggests, they are retailers of boots and footwear for the family.
  38. - An IT specialist, provides a hot list of products on it's home page for quick browsing.
  39. - One of the largest chains of electricals in UK.
  40. - A merger has just been an announced with the Britannia.
  41. - A coop which aims to provide the lowest prices for the consumer.
  42. - They are a chain of cash and carry warehouses, which require a membership status.
  43. - Leading retailer of IT components and hardware.
  44. - Optician with 380 branches nationwide.
  45. - Famous for their blue cross sale, they have locations spread out across the UK.
  46. - A chain based the world over, huge warehouse stores which specialise in sportswear.
  47. - A US company, who retail only online, their PC's are custom built by themselves.
  48. - Dfs are always providing enticing payment plans to lure customers into a new furniture suite.
  49. - Merchant which provide top up phones and pre paid accounts.
  50. - A well known online outfit, who solely trade in electronics.
  51. - A retailer who only sells televisions, ideal for people only interested in this product.
  52. - With the inability to create a URL, B&Q have named their site the next best thing
  53. - A well know clothing chain, their site is designed by the same people.
  54. - The Early Learning Centre supply wooden toys to toddlers and young children.
  55. - A long standing etailer who offer fantastic discounts a wide selection of products.
  56. - As the name suggests, you can guess the genre, more reviews needed.
  57. - A major supplier of electricity and gas to uk homes and businesses.
  58. - A veteran in it's field, one of the first merchants to provide an affiliate.
  59. - They supply power to small and large businesses and consumer homes.
  60. - Online retailer for business and office products, numbering over thirty thousand.
  61. - They run a network of smaller independent electrical retailers.
  62. - Has experienced rapid growth in recent years, hopefully they can survive.
  63. - They currently operate forty stores across the nations of England, Scotland and Wales.
  64. - With three hundred stores in the UK, they specialise in frozen food.
  65. - A successful startup, who sell underwear, the best known in it's field of operations.
  66. - An operator of business trips and casual time breaks.
  67. - Are one of the leading garden and DIY retailers in the UK.
  68. - One of the few retailers to specialise in athletic shoes, and nothing else.
  69. - The retailer of the Queen, expensive, but the ultimate in quality.
  70. - One of the best know catalogue brands, the prices are expensive.
  71. - Provides discounts on a wide variety of home appliances.
  72. - Currently the largest chain of video games stores operating in the United Kingdom.
  73. - A video gaming retailer, with stores nationwide.
  74. - As the URL suggests, a another in a long line of retailers in this sector/
  75. - They used to make the clothes sold by Littlewoods, now the sell online to huge success.
  76. - An online catalogue, they are a part of the freemans company, site is very similar.
  77. - Another of the catalogue brands, it's sister book is freemans, there is little in difference.
  78. - Merchant which provides furnishings for a welcoming home.
  79. - Provides online access, with an online security centre for retailers and business.
  80. - Supply accessories for cars, bikes and vans. Such as sat nav.
  81. - With just one store located in London, self styled as the World's best toy store.
  82. - The world's premium store, if you have the cash to splash, look no further.
  83. - A direct competitor of Harrods, they cater primarily to women.
  84. - A business who operates a number of holiday parks up and down the nation.
  85. - A discount provider of furnishes, who may strike it rich in the troubled times.
  86. - Provide business and leisure breaks across the major English cities.
  87. - The digital revolution has hit this retailer hard, it's become a battle for survival.
  88. - They stock supplements, minerals, vitamins, and sports nutrition.
  89. - Provides tens of thousands of garden and home products available.
  90. - A major department chain, with products in most retailing sectors, except food.
  91. - They retail an extensive selection of value jewellery, watches, collectibles.
  92. - One of the World's largest bank, formally the Midlands bank in the UK.
  93. - Ibis run a chain of hotels up and down the English mainland.
  94. - A cut price supermarket, with free delivery for online orders made in the UK.
  95. - Provide class leading savings rates during the year of 2009.
  96. - A swedish company, with massive warehouses stock to the brim with furniture.
  97. - Provide homes for breaks abroad to the South of Europe.
  98. - Operates over 200 shops in the UK, including the Trafford Centre in Manchester.
  99. - One of the most renowned sports retailers in the North of England.
  100. - A specialist retailer for cameras, darkroom products, and accessories.
  101. - One of the top sports retailers, who provide free delivery over a certain order amount.
  102. - Has announced a 25% fall in profits and expect very tough trading conditions for 2009.
  103. - A popular footwear specialist, with plenty of outlets up and down the country.
  104. - A unique clothing company, who provide something a little different from the norm.
  105. - Offer over night business stays in most major UK cities such as Edinburgh.
  106. - Another of the dreaded catalogues, this one originates from the same source
  107. - The chain of over seventy five shops went into administration
  108. - A Scandinavian provider of custom built system and components, a good track record.
  109. - Merchant which specialise in furniture made out of leather.
  110. - They hawk their own wares, and you have probably received a leaflets
  111. - Another of the retailers of electronics, nothing of note, the price is the only concern.
  112. - A successful story of lingerie, it hit troubled times until a dragon den member took it over.
  113. - Based in Windsor, it's an amusepark with a total Lego theme.
  114. - A nationwide supermarket chain. The site gives store locations and current bargains.
  115. - Littlewoods is a catalogue brand, known to reside in Liverpool.
  116. - Provide a selection of saving and insurance products.
  117. - The best known rental firm for entertainment media, a monthly subscription is required.
  118. - Chain of stores offering fitted kitchens.
  119. - Cash and carry which stocks a huge selection of branded and own brand products.
  120. - Formally under a new name, they still have over three hundred stores in the UK.
  121. - One of the first online sports retailers, which good prices and a range of products.
  122. - They stick to electronics, a more unique selection of products than is usual.
  123. - Perhaps the most famous store in the UK, affectionly given a place.
  124. - Prime locations to do business and conference meetings in major UK cities.
  125. - Amongst a selection of retailers committed to giving startling value for money.
  126. - Went into Joint Administrators, the total MFI Group Limited on the year of 2008.
  127. - A discount retailers of electronics.
  128. - Recently caused controversy over their line of clothes by the model Kate Moss.
  129. - A retailer with a selection of clothing and accessories to wear and display.
  130. - Morrisons has seen a 18% increase in their share price at the beginning of 2009.
  131. - The leading chain store of children's goods, ideal shopping for toddlers and babies.
  132. - Held in the USA.
  133. - Offers mortgages, saving and insurance products to UK households.
  134. - Provides a 24/7 banking service online.
  135. - Netto have been a cost effective retailer, since it's launch in the early 1990's.
  136. - They only stock their own brand goods, one of the UK's top retailing success stories.
  137. - They have only recently opened up a new store in Russia.
  138. - Provides rooms for business trips or for a family break.
  139. - Not only do they install boilers, but also supply the power to it.
  140. - Their jeanius system allows you to view their jeans from a 360 degree view.
  141. - Oli is a retailer which caters solely for women, they advert in major weekly publications.
  142. - Peacocks are a large chain of department stores.
  143. - In April 09, they offered free delivery on all orders over twenty nine pounds,
  144. - The largest chain of IT warehouse stores, the prices are far from the lowest however.
  145. - Giant mobile phone retailer, with the figurehead of scary mary advertising the brand.
  146. - Leading retailer of new and used electronics.
  147. - Based in Jersey, they provide lower prices than most retailers based in the UK.
  148. - An all in one store which aims to satisfy the needs of every shopper.
  149. - A retailer which trades under the name of Penneys in the Republic of Ireland.
  150. - There website has featured a holding page for the month of March in 2009.
  151. - Another electrical merchant, which competes against other retailers on the price engines.
  152. - They have sadly entered into administration, due to the troubles of the credit crunch.
  153. - Online business which aims to find people tradesmen rated on performance.
  154. - Make it happen, a bank which promises a collection of straight forward savings accounts.
  155. - With over eighty clothes stores, they one of the leading multi-branded retailers.
  156. - Independent retailer of entertainment appliances from companies like Cambridge.
  157. - Provide a list of the shops they have and the details of current fashion lines instore.
  158. - A leading stationer, run by a Dragon, supplies office stationery and supplies.
  159. - A retailer with a huge stock of products, and a popular reward card
  160. - Sells a variety of pc hardware and consumerables such as ram and graphics cards.
  161. - One of the top online retailers for saving discounts on IT equipment.
  162. - A unique brand of footwear, with stores up and down the country.
  163. - Supplier of gas and electricity in northern and southern Scotland.
  164. - They stock thousands of diy products at low trade prices, next day delivery provided.
  165. - One of the most famous department stores, located in the centre of London.
  166. - A rental service for films and video games, one of the original companies to start the trend.
  167. - Severn Trent Plc is a FTSE 100 company. Their service includes the treatment of water.
  168. - The site provides a store finder, a list of offers, store news and a product range.
  169. - Suppliers of gas, electricity, gas, telephony and broadband Internet.
  170. - They stock a selection of branded components, peripherals and PCs.
  171. - They stock wine, fresh foods, beer, magazines and tinned essentials.
  172. - Online optician, supplies prescription glasses, sunglasses and contact lenses.
  173. - One of the leading retailers of sports goods and equipments.
  174. - Includes a stock of furniture for the office and small businesses.
  175. - A leading real world catalogue company, with a site to boot.
  176. - A massive chain of stores which sell p harmisutical products.
  177. - They supply specialist equipment for the hi fi enthusiast, also expanded to cinema sets.
  178. - Rent a range of the latest entertainment creations.
  179. - Site contains mobile phones from top manufacturers.
  180. - Run a group of buildings up and down, and across the business span of England.
  181. - One of the top travel agents operating a business in the UK.
  182. - A manufacturer and retailer of bespoke men's and ladies' clothing.
  183. - A high street firm which provides travel services to consumers and business people.
  184. - Provides flowers, chocolates, Easter eggs, gifts and personalised choclates.
  185. - One of the top retailers, selling off license products online
  186. - They build their own computer system and retail direct from the Internet.
  187. - Self styled as a huge discount chain of department stores.
  188. - Sell returned and end of range fashion items from some of the most famous brands.
  189. - The male counterpart to topshop, also owned by the Arcadia group.
  190. - They recently came under pressure for releasing their Kate Moss range of clothing.
  191. - Giant toy stores, which the latest offers provided on the home page.
  192. - Out of town locations, easy access for a business trip across the UK.
  193. - A retailer which caters to all home and entertainment electrical requirements.
  194. - International mail order catalogue retailer.
  195. - Providing office supplies for small to large retailers.
  196. - Allows business workers, from local retailers, to book eye tests in their lunch break.
  197. - Retailer, where you can book an eye test online for prescription glasses.
  198. - A premium price supermarket, who have recently announced a budget product line.
  199. - A premium merchant of bedding and linens, with many offers provided online.
  200. - You can pay by most cards online, they are a retailer signed up to paypal as well.
  201. - A huge chain of bookshops, which are massive in floor space and stock.
  202. - A popular business sensation, which helps customers lose weight.
  203. - A stationary retailer who also caters for entertainment needs like DVD's.
  204. - Home improvements retailer, which offers free shipping on orders a set rate.
  205. - They have recently released a new catalogue for the spring of 2009.
  206. - Who could forget wopple, with the dancing couple logo on their retailing home page.
  207. - The portal site for the Yorkshire bank.
  208. - Provide saving, investment, insurance and mortgage care from Yorkshire, England.
  209. - The online arm of the yellow pages, a business directory for small companies.
  210. - Specialist of outdoor equipment for the adventurous.
  211. - Offered finance deals for cars, for people with a poor credit rating.
  212. - They stock a selection of designer brands, usually with huge discounts to consumers.
  213. - They supply the county of Yorkshire with drinking water.
  214. - A spanish fashion retailer, which has recently opened stores in London.
  215. - With the threat of administration looming, over 3000 jobs are possible lost.

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